Fitsch is your right Chinese supplier , when you need to purchase hydraulic fittings, industrial fittings and tube or hose assemblies,
 standards such as DIN 2353, ISO 8434, ISO 6162 etc, instead of Parker, Eaton etc company standards.


Provide all of our customers with competitive products and supplies from our local industrial manufacturers union.


Fitsch has been in the business of hydraulic fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose fittings, hydraulic flanges, industrial fittings and hydraulic Accessories for over 18 years.


A total of 200 CNCs allows us to offer a maximum production capacity of 1,500,000 pcs/month of fluid connectors.


We have strict high-quality control, mainly from various tests and inspection reports, in line with ISO, DIN, SAE, BS, JIS and other international standards for hydraulic hose joints.


We continue to be backed by a systematic and formalized quality management system, so that the strength of the enterprise can move towards higher goals.


You will find all news and knowledge of hydraulic fittings, industrial fittings and hydraulic accessories, all in here for industry / company news and answering your questions, in the version of pdf catalogue and videos, please leave me message when you don’t find the answer.
  • Common hydraulic fluids
    Hydraulic fittings are used to seal the hydraulic oil or fluid within the system. Thus, the fittings should be compatible with the fluid being used. Hydraulic fluid provides the energy to the system allowing the machinery to perform its work. There are different types of hydraulic media in the marke Read More
  • Hydraulic fitting types
    Hydraulic fitting typesThe following types of hydraulic fitting types are used widely in the European and US market:ORFS: ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) fittings have an O-ring groove at the flat face of the fitting. Read More
  • You should know" DIN 3870 vs ISO 8434-1 tube nut"
    You should know" DIN 3870 vs ISO 8434-1 tube nut"History of DIN 3870 and ISO 8434-1 tube nut DIN is Deutsches Institut für Normungo and was found in 1917(see more info from the link ), it is designed with metric thread of tube nut for 24 degree Read More
  • Types and functions of hydraulic accessories
    1. Types of hydraulic accessories: The types of hydraulic accessories include directional control valves, pressure control valves, throttle valves, pressure gauges, liquid level gauges, filters, coolers, joints, oil pipes, and seals. In addition to the power source, control part, and actuators, the Read More
  • DIN 2353 Hydraulic Fittings adapters caps and plugs Manufacturers
    Famous Manufacturer of DIN 2353 and DIN EN ISO 8434 Metric Hydraulic Fittings as follows:1. Parker Hydraulic DIN Fittings Ermeto original From USA manufacturer 2. Rastelli DIN 2353 tube fittings from Italy manufacturer 3. Voss 24 degree cone tube co Read More
  • Rastelli fittings Russia DIN 2353 ISO 8434-1
    Rastelli hydraulic fittings and hose fittings historyRastelli Raccodi fittings is from Italy Ariano manufacturer, established in 1952 year as a office, in 1962 it is first Italy DIN 2352 hydraulic fittings manufacturer; in 1991 JIC hydraulic fittings with SAE J514 added product range, in 1997 Hydrau Read More
Fitsch Hydraulic fittings manufacturers and suppliers
Fitsch has been in the business of hydraulic fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose fittings, hydraulic flanges, industrial fittings for over 20 years, supplying our local alliance of industrial manufacturers with all customer-competitive products and supplies
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Welcome to Fitsch – Your dependable hydraulic fitting supplier

When it comes to fittings, dependability is of utmost importance. Fitsch is your loyal industrial partner, dedicated to removing supply chain risks for those engaged in hydraulics and pneumatics. With a remarkable track record spanning over 18 years, we have been delivering Chinese hydraulic fittings, adapters, flanges, accessories, and assemblies that meet DIN and ISO requirements, no matter how disrupted the global production and distribution network is.

Whether you produce complex vehicle components in the US or specialize in construction equipment hydraulic systems in Europe, we are no strangers to the connection challenges you face. Fitsch is knowledgeable about the different configurations and fitting sizes required in your industry and can manufacture them with the highest degree of compliance.

We are a hydraulic fitting manufacturer that’s always open to new production projects. While we primarily focus on the mining and automotive industries, we are also happy to work with you if you serve the agricultural, construction, material handling, recycling, and other sectors.

Industrial-quality hydraulic hoses and fittings

With Fitsch, you are all set to experience how precision, quality, and reliability can transform your hydraulic operations. Here, we embrace factory-level standards that define the best HYD fittings and connectors and invest heavily in extensive testing and inspection. Our QA experts know what you are looking for in the specified DIN, ISO, SAE, JIS, and other engineering and industrial standards. That’s what we ensure in every body type and fitting configuration.

To make your Fitsch experience feel personalized – unlike a typical supplier-client one – we provide technical guidance, assistance with custom orders, and unparalleled customer support. When there’s something you need to stock up on or clarify for your manufacturing efforts, Fitsch is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Ramping up production to meet your needs

We have adopted a systematic approach to lifting production restrictions on hydraulic fittings for sale. This means our factory-level operations can be adjusted to your industrial and supply needs, so you aren’t short of the best parts and don’t have to jeopardize cost-efficiency. Depending on the sought-after fittings and customization requirements, we can mass-produce up to 1,500,000 connectors and accessories per month.

Fitsch owns as many as 200 CNC machines to precisely create your fittings in the requested quantities. You can even go for custom automotive hydraulic fittings and assemblies to fit a particular system. Take advantage of this service for brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel parts.

Delivery options that pair well with your supplies

Timely delivery may be hard to arrange in a disorganized global network. But Fitsch won’t force you to extend your project deadlines. If you buy hydraulic fittings in our standard configurations, we will get them to you within 30 days as an expedited delivery method or 60 to 90 days as a normal method.

Get in touch with us to obtain detailed ordering information, shipping details, or quotes. Add failproof performance to your hydraulic systems and confidence to your supply chain with Fitsch!


Fitsch has been in the business of hydraulic tube fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose fittings, hydraulic flanges, industrial fittings and hydraulic accessories for over 20 years, offering all our customer competitive products and supplies from our local industry manufacturers union.    



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