FITSCH’ main products is Fittings for hydraulic tube/hose and various industrial usage; Assembly of hydraulic hose and tube fabrication; Accessories such as clamps for hose and tube, non-return valve, hydraulic quick coupling, testing point coupling etc, we also offer custom fittings for customer’s OEM demand. Our product can be found on and around everything that moves such as fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatic etc.
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JIS Hydraulic Adapters

JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) Hydraulic Adapters in the early 1990s, they are used in the market of Japan and Korea equipment as hose adapters. JIS adapters are designed with 30°flare and 60°cone connections and typically incorporate BSP threads. JIS adapters are designed with BSPP JIS B2351 o-ring seal and BSPT port taper thread seal ends and two styles of JIS hose adapter ends.

JIS Fitting Connections

Buy JIS hydraulic fittings online to avoid compliance issues

Are you looking for compliant adapters for your hydraulic systems in Japan or Korea? Fitsch has revolutionized high-pressure hydraulics and pneumatics applications and made sure you can order JIS hose fittings effortlessly.

Browse our extensive catalog to switch from unshapely or barbed hose fittings that never hold tight. Whether you need JIS-BSPT adapters in an abundance of dimensions, male or female threads, or sizes from 1/8 inch to 2 inches, we have your back for production here in China.

Superior-quality JIS fittings

At Fitsch, we use the highest-grade steel, aluminum, and brass to manufacture adapters renowned for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. They are precision-engineered and tested to handle pressure, while their standardized sizing aligns with JIS requirements.

When you buy our JIS hydraulic fittings, you get high-quality adapters at a fair price. We leverage technology and process efficiencies to reflect them in your quote.

If off-the-shelf fittings don’t cut it, Fitsch can create custom adapters. We boast complete customization services – provide us with the details, and our engineering team will design pieces tailored to your specifications. Custom JIS adapters are affordable, too, thanks to our highly efficient manufacturing processes.

Precision and consistency assurance

As a supplier of JIS adapters with a decades-long history, we have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to manufacture fittings that meet strict Japanese Industrial Standards. Additionally, we take quality control seriously through multiple testing stages to uphold the highest JIS requirements.

With 200 state-of-the-art CNC machines, the production capacity of Fitsch can total 1,500,000 adapters per month. These can include:

- All possible designs – Various thread types, sizes, and configurations, including elbows, tees, crosses, bulkhead unions, rod ends – you name it, we make it.

- Precise dimensions – Our CNC machines ensure each adapter meets your specs down to the micrometer.

- Consistent quality – Computer-controlled manufacturing guarantees every fitting is cut and shaped with repeatability.

Lead times for adapters for JIS compliance

Fitsch is known for reasonable turnaround times, even during busier seasons and supply chain crises. Think 30 days for standard fittings and configurations. However, it can take more weeks to have your adapters if your request involves extensive custom machining, testing, or finishing. For more information, connect with our team.

Order JIS hose fittings for your hydraulic systems with Fitsch. Your time and money are too valuable to experiment with questionable adapter makers.

Dimensions of JIS Hydraulic Adapter Ends

Dimensions of JIS Hydraulic Adaptor Ends

BSPP ThreadSwivel
Turn Back

Catalogue of JIS Hydraulic Adapters


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