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FITSCH’ main products is Fittings for hydraulic tube/hose and various industrial usage; Assembly of hydraulic hose and tube fabrication; Accessories such as clamps for hose and tube, non-return valve, hydraulic quick coupling, testing point coupling etc, we also offer custom fittings for customer’s OEM demand. Our product can be found on and around everything that moves such as fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatic etc.
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Hydraulic Ball Valve Manufacturer Supplier

Hydraulic Ball Valve Assembly Maufactuer Supplier Exporter China Production

Hydraulic ball valve is also called directional shut off valve, it is used for controlling the flow direction under low or high pressure hydraulic system. Rotating hydraulic ball valve handle operate to either off or full flow, ball is designed with required holes bored through the center for 2 way, 3 way and 4 way directions shift. Our sizes of hydraulic ball valve high pressure range from 1/8”(DN4 ) to 8”(DN200), withstand a maximum pressure of 15000 psi. Connection types including thread ports of BSPP, NPT, SAE; tube connections including ISO 8434-1 DIN 2353, ISO 6162 SAE J518, ISO 8434-3 SAE J1453. We also can offer stainless steel hydraulic ball valve with customized size for your special need.  

Hydraulic Ball Valve Assembly Usage

Hydraulic Ball Valve High Pressure Ranges

3000 psi hydraulic ball valve

5000 psi hydraulic ball valve

6000 psi hydraulic ball valve

10000 psi hydraulic ball valve

15000 psi hydraulic ball valve

Hydraulic Ball Valve Symbol

As hydraulic schematic symbol ball valve indications

hydraulic schematic symbol ball valve indications

Hydraulic Ball Valve Types:

hydraulic high pressure 2 way steel ball valve

hydraulic high pressure 3 way steel ball valve

hydraulic ball valve 3 way

hydraulic 3 way ball valve

4 way hydraulic ball valve

lockable hydraulic ball valve

Common Sizes of Hydraulic Ball Valves:

1/4 hydraulic ball valve

hydraulic ball valve 1/2

3/8 hydraulic ball valve

3/4 hydraulic ball valve

1 hydraulic ball valve

Compliant ball valves

A hydraulic ball valve is only reliable for a particular pressure environment when you choose it by the unit’s material, type, and robustness. Fitsch is a ball valve manufacturer that makes full-port valves from stainless steel. Each component adheres to ISO and DIN requirements and demonstrates its perfect functionality in media flow control.

With Fitsch as your ball valve supplier, your hydraulic system benefits from components that have:

  • L-shaped or T-shaped configuration

  • Seamlessly rotating handle

  • Adaptability to various equipment and media

  • Ready-to-install design

Our shut-off valves are available in various mounting types to set water and gas flow according to your needs. We recommend measuring pressure requirements in your system to avoid installing ball valves that can’t handle it. Ask for technical advice if you have difficulty figuring out psi readings.

Standard and made-to-order valves

Due to their varying dimensions and configurations, our ball valves for sale are highly versatile. This makes them suitable for applications in hydraulic systems, test equipment, and more. Whatever condition you put them in, our valves promptly change flow paths and mix or separate media.

As an experienced ball valve importer and manufacturer, we can provide tailor-made components for industrial settings that allow you to initiate, stop, and adjust the flow of a range of liquids and vapors within a hydraulic system. If neither type found in our catalog fits your equipment, contact us to work it out for custom configurations.

We can produce and deliver the required shut-off valves in 30 days.

Hydraulic Ball Valve Catalog interchangeable to Parker Stauff MHA


Fitsch has been in the business of hydraulic tube fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose fittings, hydraulic flanges, industrial fittings and hydraulic accessories for over 20 years, offering all our customer competitive products and supplies from our local industry manufacturers union.    



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