FITSCH’ main products is Fittings for hydraulic tube/hose and various industrial usage; Assembly of hydraulic hose and tube fabrication; Accessories such as clamps for hose and tube, non-return valve, hydraulic quick coupling, testing point coupling etc, we also offer custom fittings for customer’s OEM demand. Our product can be found on and around everything that moves such as fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatic etc.
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Non Return Valve is also know as check valve

Non return valve is one way valve, main function is to allow fluid to run in one direction. Non return valve work are not controlled by a person, it is designed with nominal pressure ratings up to PN 420 bar, types of non return valves as follows:

With tube connections both ends: DIN 24 degree cone, O-ring face seal, JIC 37 degree flared tube.

With tube connection to male studs

With female thread both ends

Test pressures for each of non return valves before shipment, including cracking pressure also know as opening pressure, reseal pressure is also know as seating pressure or closing pressure. For your different working pressure, please consult Fitsch.

Types of Non return valves

Design with sealing edge:

Size 06L and 08L / 06S and 08S

and all sizes in stainless steel with a PTFDE sealing disc

Design with O-ring (item. 7):

Sizes 10L, 12L, 15L, 18L, 22L, 28L, 35L and 42L

as well as 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S, 20S, 25S, 30S and 38S with a

sealing disc out of NBR (steel) or FKM (stainless steel).

1: poppet

2: sealing disc

3: cover disc

4: spring

5: passage disc

6: Eolastic-sealing

7: O-ring

DN = Nominal diameter (mm)

Characteristics of Non Return Valve:

Poppet check valve with a 90° valve seat with an ED sealing disc. Poppet stop for controlled valve opening. Damped opening action to minimize shock and noise. No reduction of cross section. Maximum flow velocity not more than 8 m/sec. Sealing of male stud thread by ED soft seal with types RHV and RHZ.

Opening pressure of Non Return Valve:

Standard 1 bar (on request also 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bar are avail able; please specify on order). For working pressure see appropriate tables. Cracking pressure tolerance: ±20 %.

Media of Non Return Valve:

Hydraulic oil, low flammability hydraulic fluids (excent for types HFC: for HFD types; FKM seals are necessary). Air pressure tested (please indicate on order). Not suitable for steam, combustible/explosive gases, or oxygen. For water applications, please consult Parker with details

of water and any additives.

Fitsch is a professional manufacturer and supplier of non return valve, provide stainless steel, brass and carbon steel materials, various media such as hydraulic oil, air pressure, steam, gases, oxygen and water applications, welcome your OEM check valve inquiry.  


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