FITSCH’ main products is Fittings for hydraulic tube/hose and various industrial usage; Assembly of hydraulic hose and tube fabrication; Accessories such as clamps for hose and tube, non-return valve, hydraulic quick coupling, testing point coupling etc, we also offer custom fittings for customer’s OEM demand. Our product can be found on and around everything that moves such as fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatic etc.
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Automotive Fittings including braided automotive hoses, tube fittings, pipe fittings and hose fittings adapters. Automotive tube fittings is designed with 45 degree flare male and female ends connection, meet SAE J512, SAE J513 standards, application in the automotive, appliance and allied fields of air brake systems, it also called flare type fittings and inverted flare fittings. Automotive pipe fittings is designed with dryseal taper thread NPTF male and female connections, commonly used in the low or medium pressures, in conjunction with automotive tube fittings in piping systems, meet SAE J530 standard. Material is available in carbon steel, brass and aluminium.

High-Efficiency Automotive Fittings

The world of automotive manufacturing relies on intricate yet robust systems, and among these, piping systems stand as pivotal aspects. Notably, automotive fittings, such as braided automotive hoses, tube fittings, pipe fittings, and hose fitting adapters, play a crucial role in ensuring functionality and longevity.

Automotive tube fittings are specially designed with 45-degree flare male and female ends connection. These fittings meet the stringent SAE J512 and SAE J513 standards, making them ideal for use in numerous automotive, appliance, and allied fields. One of the many applications of these fittings is in air brake systems, highlighting their pertinence in maintaining safety and performance. These essential tools are also referred to as flare type fittings and inverted flare fittings, denoting their unique structural design.

Automotive pipe fittings are crafted with dryseal taper thread NPTF male and female connections. These are commonly used under low or medium pressure conditions and complement automotive tube fittings in piping systems to maintain efficient flow and prevent leaks. Notably, these pipe fittings adhere to the SAE J530 standard, signifying quality and reliability.

Material selection is a significant element in the creation of automotive hose fittings and adapters. The material factors into the fitting's strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Hence, carbon steel, brass, and aluminium stand as prominent choices in the industry.

Carbon steel makes an excellent option for heavy-duty usage and can endure high levels of wear and tear. Conversely, brass offers excellent resistance to rust-free piping systems, increasing their longevity and maintaining optimal performance. Aluminium is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand high pressure, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of automotive applications.

Meticulous design and advanced materials are what define high-quality automotive fittings. These exceptional products become the backbone of robust, resilient, and efficient automotive piping systems that meet diverse application needs.

These aforementioned characteristics should be key considerations when sourcing for automotive fittings. A high-performing and well-constructed solution can greatly augment an overall automotive system, enhancing its utility and value and ensuring safety and efficiency in operations. Always opt for high-quality products that adhere to industry standards and deliver superior outcomes.

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