Hydraulic fitting types

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The following types of hydraulic fitting types are used widely in the European and US market:

ORFS: ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) fittings have an O-ring groove at the flat face of the fitting. Sealing for such fittings is achieved by connecting the O-ring with the flat face of the female connector. These fittings are ideal for high-pressure applications and provide a leakage-free connection. ORFS fittings can be of the following types:

Straight ORFS fitting Straight screw connection with male ORFS connection point to male NPT, G or metric threads Straight ORFS fitting
Elbow ORFS fitting Elbow screw connection with one ORFS female connection and another ORFS male connection at an angle Elbow ORFS fitting
Tee ORFS fitting T- shaped screw connection with one female ORFS connection port and two male ORFS connection ports Tee ORFS fitting
Cross ORFS fitting Four male ORFS connection ports in a cross-orientation, useful for distributing or combining the media Cross ORFS fitting

These ORFS fittings are generally accompanied by accessories such as plugs, end caps, O-rings.

DIN/ BSP: DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and BSP (British Standard Pipe) fittings are commonly used hydraulic fitting types in Europe.

DIN fittings ensure interchangeability with different brands of fittings and are used in industrial, construction, and oil and bag industries.

BSP fittings conform to BSP standards for screw threads. They are used for sealing and interconnecting pipes and can be achieved by interlocking external (male) thread with internal (female) thread. They are mostly used in plumbing industries and are widely accepted except for North America, where NPT standards are used.


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