How to Install Stainless Steel Fittings-Internal 908

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How to install stainless steel fittings easily

You need an installation kit to assemble stainless steel fittings-internal hex screw plug DIN 908

When it comes to hydraulic equipment, stainless steel fittings are on the way up for assembly projects due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. These versatile components can connect parts, seal chambers, and put the entire hydraulic system together. In addition, they are much easier to install than separate sections or unwieldy fasteners. So, if you are ready to explore how to install stainless steel fittings, we’ve got several tips to help you do it dexterously.

Spoiler alert: most fittings can be assembled quickly and precisely with the right toolkit.




What is the perfect way to assemble stainless steel threaded fittings?

To get started, make sure you have the following tools:

  • Cross wrench. You will use it for tightening and loosening nuts. It has two steel arms with four heads to handle most standard fitting sizes.

  • Socket wrench. You should have it as a fallback for tightening and loosening nuts on larger fittings.

  • A sealant or Teflon tape (optional). It prevents leaks and creates an instant seal. If you ever need to disassemble or reassemble any fittings down the line, it is a great help.

Apart from wrenches, you can use a pipe threader or work by hand (if the fitting is small enough). Just use rubber gloves or a piece of cloth for convenient hold.

Once you have these items within reach, you are prepared.


Clean and prepare your fasteners and make sure the surface is free from contaminants. This imparts a good grip for the sealant. After that, ensure your fittings are compatible. You risk damaging one if you try to force mismatched threads together.

To help you understand what the perfect way to assemble stainless steel threaded fittings is, we will leave some instructions below. All it takes is three simple steps to set one up correctly:

  1. 1. Apply some sealant to the threads of the fitting. This will help it stay in place once installed.

  2. 2. Using a wrench, carefully thread each side of the fitting together until they tighten snugly against each other. Be careful not to over-tighten.

  3. 3. Connect tubing or hoses without putting too much physical effort. Always pre-cut and measure them.

Finally, double-check all O-rings and plugs after the installation. Inspect them for damage and wobbly fittings. Everything should look spotless and stable – no cracks or deformations should be detected.

With these standard tips, you can assemble your own stainless steel fittings.


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