EO2 Hydraulic Fittings EO2 Hydraulic Fittings
EO2 Hydraulic Fittings EO2 Hydraulic Fittings
EO2 Hydraulic Fittings EO2 Hydraulic Fittings
EO2 Hydraulic Fittings EO2 Hydraulic Fittings


EO2 Hydraulic Fittings

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EO2 fittings is interchangeable to parker ermeto DIN fittings
Meet DIN 2353 and ISO 8434 tube fittings catalogue
Two types including EO2 functional nut and EO2 form
Material is stainless steel and carbon steel
EO2 cutting ring innovation history
parker eo2 assembly instructions
  • 24 degree cone connector 

  • Metric O-ring port  SAE O-ring port  JIS BSPP O-ring port  BSPP flat face port  Metric flat face port  Four bolt split flange  NPTF taper thread  BSPT taper thread 

  • Straight  Elbow  45 Degree Elbow  Tee  Run Tee  Branch Tee  Cross  Banjo  Nut and Sleeve 


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EO2 hydraulic fitting system including nut, EO2 sealing cutting ring and DIN fittings. EO2 functional nut is assembled by nut and EO2 cutting ring, it can match with metric bite type tube fittings in stainless steel and carbon steel.

EO2 hydraulic fittings

EO2 is developed from Parker Ermeto(EO), it developed the EO-DPR, EO-PSR, EO-2, EO-form and EO-plus series cutting ring fittings, it developed EO-2 hydraulic fittings in 1991 year, EO-2 is designed for metric tube and based on German Standards DIN 3861/DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1 parker tube fittings catalog.

EO2 cutting ring innovation history

EO-2 hydraulic fittings are as easy to assemble, they eliminate pre-assembly problems.

Elastomeric sealing of parker eo-2 fittings, it does not require any re-tightening even in heavy duty applications. The metallic support of EO-2 cutting ring acts as an integrated pre-assembly tools. Seal extrusion is prevented by proper housing without gaps or dead volume. The sealing lip is bonded to a metallic support ring.

EO2 cutting ring fittings seal way isThe metallic support of the sealing ring acts just like an integrated

How to seal of EO2 cuttings ring

The retaining ring bites into the tube in accordance to the proven bite ring principle. The support ring reduces the danger of over- or underassembly by a special EO-2 design feature: Before assembly there is a gap in between the flat surfaces of the retaining ring and the metallic support ring of the seal. As soon as the retaining ring has reached the proper bite depth, the gap closes, resulting in a sharp increase of assembly torque. This results in uniform and reliable fitting assemblies. The assembly result can easily be inspected by just checking if the gap is closed.

Parker EO2 and EO2 form fittings

Parker EO2 and EO2 form fittings are appreciated by an increasing number of original equipment manufactures. EO-2 also has be come the fitting of choice of end-users that appreciate the leak-free performance, the easy maintenance and the global availability of the metric soft-seal bite type system. We can provide you with all sizes of parker eo2 fittings catalogue, parker eo2 assembly instructions.



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