DIN 3865 Hydraulic Fittings Used In ISO 8434 ISO 12151 DIN 20078 Standard

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DIN 3865 standard pdf specifies nipple 24 degree cone with o-ring connection, for compression tube fittings according to DIN EN ISO 8434-1 and ISO 8434-4, and ISO 12151 part 2 and DIN 20078-8, DIN 20078-9 hose fittings, it is used with metric female nuts, one is tube union nut(DIN 3870 compression nut), another one is steel wire-through nut also called “DKO Swivel”.  

DIN 3865 Dimensions and designation

Fittings, nuts as per DIN EN ISO 8434-1 standards, interface at manufacturer’s discretion

Type A design with Weld-on Nipple

DIN3865 Type A design with Weld-on Nipple

Type B design for use with hose fittings and swivel adapters.

DIN 3865 Type B design for use with hose fittings and swivel adapters

Dimensions of DIN 3865 fittings

Dimensions of DIN 3865 fittings


For type A, 24 degree cone weld-on nipple should be weldable steel, for type B, 24 degree compression tube fittings should be C35 or C45 steel. O-ring shall be made of NBR with 90 IRHD, other materials being the subject of agreement.


The 24° sealing cones with O-ring listed in this standard are used for connection to

a) L and S series cutting ring connection according to DIN EN ISO 8434-1 and ISO 8434-4, Our Part No series of 2C, 2C9, CC, BC, 3C etc. 

b) Corresponding hose fittings form D (series L) according to DIN 20078-4 or form E (series S) according to DIN 20078-5, Our part No series of 20511 20411 20591

For hose fittings with sealing cone form B, the requirements, assembly instructions and test specified in DIN 20078-1, the dimensions in DIN 20078-8 (L series) or DIN 20078-9 (S series).

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