Types of ISO 8434-1 DIN 2353 Tube Fittings Dimensions

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Types of ISO 8434-1 DIN 2353 Tube Fittings Dimensions

Connection types from 24 degree tube cone end to ISO 8434-1 standard’s various ends such as:

  • Tube to tube Union Connector(Straight S,Elbow E, Tee T, Cross K)  

  • Tube to Male Stud Connector(SDS ISO 6149-1 Metric thread o-ring sealing type F; ISO 9974-2 Metric and BSPP thread with elastomeric sealing Type E; ISO 9974-3 Metric and ISO 9974-4 BSPP Metal to metal sealing type B)

  • Tube to Bulkhead connector and locknt(BHS bulkhead straight connector and locknut; BHE bulkhead elbow; WDBHS weld-in bulkhead straight connector)

  • Tube to weld-on connector WDS

  • Tube to Swivel Connector(RDSW reducing swivel straight adapter; SWOE swivel elbow; SWOBT Branch Tee; SWORT run tee with o-ring)

  • Stud to Swivel connector(SWOSDS swivel stud straight adapter with o-ring ISO 6149-2 S series and ISO 6149-3 L series; with ISO 1179-2 or ISO 9974-2 )

  • Plug with o-ring PL

20_ISO_8434-1-Dimension-S-union-connector Straight0





24_ISO_8434-1_ISO_1179‑4_ISO 9974‑3_stud_connector

25_ISO_ 8434-1_BHS_Bulkhead_Fitting_Dimension

25_ISO_ 8434-1_BHS_Bulkhead_Fitting_Dimension_chart


27_IS_ 8434-1_BHEWDBHS_Dimension

28_ ISO_8434-1_WDS_Weld‑on_straight_connector

29_ ISO_8434-1_SWOSDS_Swive_stud_fitting dimension






Connection types from the complete of 24 degree tube cone end(compressing fitting with nuts and cutting ring) to DIN 2353 standard various ends such as:

  • DIN 2353 Stud fittings with type C (taper) stud end as in DIN 3852-1 and DIN 3852-2

  • Stud fittings with type A or B (Male) stud end as in DIN 3852-1 and DIN 3852-2

din 2353 dimensions Taper thread type of figures

din 2353 dimensions of fittings with taper stud end

din hydraulic fittings chart of male stud end type A and B

din fitting size chart dimensions with male stud end


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