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Parker HY Series Crimp Fittings are a range of hydraulic hose fittings designed to be crimped onto hoses in order to create a secure and reliable seal. These fittings are particularly useful in applications, such as pneumatic, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils, diesel fuels and antifreeze solutions, where the hose will be exposed to significant stress and strain.

The Parker HY Series fittings are made from high-quality materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass, and feature a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different hose sizes and configurations. They are compatible with a variety of different types of hoses including as follows:

611HT Transportation SAE J517 100R6 / EN 854 TYPE R6

836 – Push-Lok Plus Multipurpose – High-Temperature

801 – Push-Lok Plus Multipurpose

Parker HY Series Crimp Fittings are designed to provide a leak-free connection between the hose and the hydraulic system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. They are used in a wide range of industries and applications including construction, agriculture, mining, and transportation.

Types of HY series fittings as follows:

NPTF Pipe Male, Male Swivel and Female Connections

NPSM Pipe Swivel Connections

JIC 37 degree Male and Female Swivel Connection

SAE 45 degree Female Swivel Connections

Flareless Connections

DIN 24 degree Male and Female Swivel Connections

ORFS Male and Female Connections

BSP 60 degree Male and Female Connections

Parker HY Series Fittings Catalog

Part Number Details of Parker HY Series Fittings Catalog as follows:

Parts Connection Thread Size (inch)
101HY-12-12 3/4x14
101HY-12-12C 3/4x14
101HY-12-16 3/4x14
101HY-12-8 3/4x14
101HY-16-12 1x11-1/2
101HY-16-16 1x11-1/2
101HY-16-16C 1x11-1/2
101HY-20-20 1-1/4x11-1/2
101HY-2-4 1/8x27
101HY-4-4 1/4x18
101HY-4-5 1/4x18
101HY-4-6 1/4x18
101HY-6-4 3/8x18
101HY-6-5 3/8x18
101HY-6-6 3/8x18
101HY-6-6C 3/8x18
101HY-6-8 3/8x18
101HY-8-10 1/2x14
101HY-8-12 1/2x14
101HY-8-4 1/2x14
101HY-8-6 1/2x14
101HY-8-8 1/2x14
101HY-8-8C 1/2x14
102HY-12-12 3/4x14
102HY-16-16 1x11-1/2
102HY-2-4 1/8x27
102HY-4-4 1/4x18
102HY-4-6 1/4x18
102HY-6-6 3/8x18
102HY-8-6 1/2x14
102HY-8-8 1/2x14
103HY-10-10 7/8X14
103HY-10-6 7/8X14
103HY-10-8 7/8x14
103HY-12-10 1-1/16X12
103HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
103HY-12-8 1-1/16x12
103HY-14-12 1-3/16x12
103HY-16-12 1-5/16x12
103HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
103HY-4-4 7/16X20
103HY-5-4 1/2x20
103HY-6-4 9/16x18
103HY-6-5 9/16x18
103HY-6-6 9/16x18
103HY-8-6 3/4X16
103HY-8-8 3/4X16
105HY-10-10 7/8X14
105HY-10-8 7/8X14
105HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
105HY-12-8 1-1/16x12
105HY-16-12 1-5/16x12
105HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
105HY-4-4 7/16x20
105HY-6-4 9/16x18
105HY-6-6 9/16x18
105HY-8-6 3/4x16
105HY-8-8 3/4x16
106HY-10-10 7/8x14
106HY-10-12 7/8x14
106HY-10-6 7/8X14
106HY-10-8 7/8X14
106HY-12-10 1-1/16x12
106HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
106HY-12-12C 1-1/16x12
106HY-12-16 1-1/16X12
106HY-12-8 1-1/16x12
106HY-14-12 1-3/16x12
106HY-16-12 1-5/16x12
106HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
106HY-16-16C 1-5/16x12
106HY-20-16 1-5/8x12
106HY-20-20 1-5/8x12
106HY-3-4 3/8x24
106HY-4-4 7/16x20
106HY-4-4C 7/16x20
106HY-4-6 7/16x20
106HY-5-4 1/2x20
106HY-5-5 1/2x20
106HY-5-6 1/2x20
106HY-6-4 9/16x18
106HY-6-5 9/16x18
106HY-6-6 9/16x18
106HY-6-6C 9/16x18
106HY-8-10 3/4X16
106HY-8-12 3/4x16
106HY-8-6 3/4x16
106HY-8-8 3/4X16
106HY-8-8C 3/4x16
107HY-12-12 3/4x14
107HY-16-16 1x11-1/2
107HY-4-4 1/4x18
107HY-6-4 3/8x18
107HY-6-6 3/8x18
107HY-8-8 1/2x14
108HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
108HY-6-4 5/8x18
108HY-6-5 5/8x18
108HY-6-6 5/8x18
108HY-8-8 3/4X16
10GHY-10-8 7/8X14
10GHY-12-8 1-1/16x12
10GHY-16-16 1-5/16x12
10GHY-4-4 7/16X20
10GHY-6-6 9/16x18
10GHY-8-6 3/4X16
10GHY-8-8 3/4x16
10LHY-10-8 7/8X14
10LHY-12-12 1-1/16x12
10LHY-6-4 9/16x18
10LHY-6-6 9/16x18
10LHY-8-6 3/4X16
10LHY-8-8 3/4X16
111HY-10-8 7/8X14
111HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
111HY-4-4 7/16X20
111HY-6-6 9/16x18
111HY-8-6 3/4x16
111HY-8-8 3/4x16
113HY-12-12 3/4x14
113HY-16-16 1x11-1/2
113HY-2-4 1/8x27
113HY-4-4 1/4x18
113HY-4-6 1/4x18
113HY-6-4 3/8x18
113HY-6-6 3/8x18
113HY-6-8 3/8x18
113HY-8-6 1/2x14
113HY-8-8 1/2x14
11LHY-2-4 1/8x27
11LHY-4-4 1/4x18
11LHY-6-6 3/8x18
11LHY-8-6 1/2x14
11LHY-8-8 1/2x14
128HY-4-4 7/16x24
128HY-5-4 1/2x20
128HY-6-6 5/8x18
137HY-10-10 7/8X14
137HY-10-8 7/8X14
137HY-12-12 1-1/16X12
137HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
137HY-4-4 7/16x20
137HY-6-4 9/16x18
137HY-6-6 9/16x18
137HY-8-6 3/4x16
137HY-8-8 3/4x16
139HY-10-10 7/8X14
139HY-10-8 7/8X14
139HY-12-10 1-1/16X12
139HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
139HY-12-8 1-1/16X12
139HY-16-12 1-5/16x12
139HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
139HY-4-4 7/16X20
139HY-5-4 1/2X20
139HY-6-4 9/16x18
139HY-6-6 9/16x18
139HY-8-6 3/4X16
139HY-8-8 3/4x16
141HY-10-8 7/8X14
141HY-12-12 1-1/16x12
141HY-16-16 1-5/16x12
141HY-4-4 7/16X20
141HY-6-4 9/16x18
141HY-6-6 9/16x18
141HY-8-6 3/4X16
141HY-8-8 3/4x16
167HY-6-6 5/8x18
169HY-5-4 1/2x20
169HY-6-6 5/8x18
179HY-6-6 5/8x18
1D9HY-8-8 1/2x14
1GJHY-8-4 1/2x27
1GUHY-12-12 3/4x14
1GUHY-16-16 1x11
1GUHY-4-4 1/4x19
1GUHY-6-4 3/8x19
1GUHY-6-6 3/8x19
1GUHY-8-6 1/2x14
1GUHY-8-8 1/2x14
1J0HY-12-8 1-3/16x12
1J0HY-4-4 9/16x18
1J0HY-6-6 11/16x16
1J0HY-8-8 13/16x16
1J1HY-10-10 1x14
1J1HY-4-4 9/16x18
1J1HY-6-6 11/16x16
1J1HY-8-8 13/16x16
1J7HY-10-10 1x14
1J7HY-10-8 1x14
1J7HY-12-12 1-3/16x12
1J7HY-16-16 1-7/16x12
1J7HY-4-4 9/16x18
1J7HY-6-4 11/16x16
1J7HY-6-6 11/16x16
1J7HY-8-6 13/16x16
1J7HY-8-8 13/16x16
1J9HY-10-10 1x14
1J9HY-10-12 1x14
1J9HY-10-8 1x14
1J9HY-12-10 1-3/16x12
1J9HY-12-12 1-3/16x12
1J9HY-16-12 1-7/16x12
1J9HY-16-16 1-7/16x12
1J9HY-4-4 9/16x18
1J9HY-4-6 9/16x18
1J9HY-6-4 11/16x16
1J9HY-6-6 11/16x16
1J9HY-8-6 13/16x16
1J9HY-8-8 13/16x16
1JCHY-12-12 1-3/16x12
1JCHY-4-4 9/16x18
1JCHY-6-6 11/16x16
1JCHY-8-8 13/16x16
1JSHY-10-10 1x14
1JSHY-10-12 1x14
1JSHY-10-8 1x14
1JSHY-12-10 1-3/16x12
1JSHY-12-12 1-3/16x12
1JSHY-16-12 1-7/16x12
1JSHY-16-16 1-7/16x12
1JSHY-20-16 1-11/16x12
1JSHY-20-20 1-11/16x12
1JSHY-4-4 9/16x18
1JSHY-6-4 11/16x16
1JSHY-6-6 11/16x16
1JSHY-8-6 13/16x16
1JSHY-8-8 13/16x16
1XUHY-10-10 M24x1,5 mm
1XUHY-12-12 M30x1,5 mm


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