Parker 73 Series Fittings Catalog

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Parker 73 Series crimp fittings are a type of hydraulic fitting designed for use with high-pressure hoses, such as 731 | 731TC | SX35 | SX35LT | SX35TC | SX42 | SX42LT | SX42TC. These fittings are made from durable materials like stainless steel and brass, and they are designed to provide a secure, leak-free connection between two pieces of hydraulic hose.

One of the key features of Parker 73 Series fittings is their ease of installation. These fittings can be crimped onto the end of a hydraulic hose using a crimping tool, which creates a tight seal between the fitting and the hose. This makes them ideal for use in high-pressure applications where a secure connection is critical.

Parker 73 Series fittings are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including straight, 45-degree, and 90-degree elbows, as well as male and female connectors. They are also compatible with a variety of different hydraulic fluids, including oils, water, and certain chemicals.

Overall, Parker 73 Series crimp fittings are a reliable and efficient choice for anyone looking to create a secure, leak-free connection between hydraulic hoses.

Parker 73 Series Fittings Catalog

Parker 73 Series Fittings Catalog Part Number list as follows:

Parts Hose I.D. Port Connection Port Type Nut Hex Size
1J773-12-12-SM -12 1 3/16x12 n.a 36 mm
1J773-16-16-SM -16 1 7/16x12 n.a 41 mm
10173-12-12-SM -12 2003/4/14 AGN 30 mm
10173-16-16-SM -16 1-11 1/2 AGN 36 mm
10173-32-32-SM -32 2-11 1/2 AGN 65 mm
10373-12-12-SM -12 1 1/16x12 AGJ 30 mm
10373-16-12-SM -12 1 5/16x12 AGJ 36 mm
10373-16-16-SM -16 1 5/16x12 AGJ 36 mm
10373-20-20-SM -20 1 5/8x12 AGJ 46 mm
10373-24-24-SM -24 1 7/8x12 AGJ 50 mm
10673-12-12-SM -12 1 1/16x12 DKJ 32 mm
10673-16-16-SM -16 1 5/16x12 DKJ 41 mm
10673-20-20-SM -20 1 5/8x12 DKJ 50 mm
10673-24-24-SM -24 1 7/8x12 DKJ 60 mm
10673-32-32-SM -32 2 1/2x12 DKJ 75 mm
10C73-20-12 -12 M30x2 DKOS 36 mm
10C73-25-12 -12 M36x2 DKOS 46 mm
10C73-25-12SW41 -12 M36x2 DKOS 41 mm
10C73-25-16 -16 M36x2 DKOS 46 mm
10C73-30-16 -16 M42x2 DKOS 50 mm
10C73-30-20 -20 M42x2 DKOS 50 mm
10C73-38-20 -20 M52x2 DKOS 60 mm
10C73-38-24 -24 M52x2 DKOS 60 mm


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