DIN 7631 Metric 60 Degree Cone Adapter Dimensions

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DIN 7631 standard is Compression couplings with spherical liner(DIN 3863), straight compression couplings are designed with metric thread and 60 degree tube cone connections, famous manufacturer is  DIN 7631 adapter parker, schwer fittings etc, it is used with spherical liners or sealing cone for thermoplastic hoses.


Standard material 9SMnPb28K according to DIN 1651, crack tested.

Other materials according to DIN 3859 by agreement are indicated with the material abbreviation

to attach the standard designation


Normal execution of the surface treatment galvanized, A 3 C according to DIN 267 part 9.

Other versions according to DIN 3859 by agreement are marked with the abbreviation die

Attach standard designation.

Dimensions, designation

Details that are not specified are to be selected appropriately, only the specified dimensions are to be observed.

Specification of the surface quality according to DIN ISO 1 302, and R max according to DIN 4768 Part 1


Designation of a connecting piece made of the standard material for a pipe with an outside diameter of 10 mm: DIN 7631-10

Designation of a connecting piece for pipe outside diameters of 4 and 5 mm (4-5), made of the agreed material CuZn35Ni2 (material number 2.0540) and agreed surface treatment B 2 A: DIN 7631 - 4-5 - CuZn35Ni2 - B 2 A

When applying the standards for sockets, difficulties arose when assembling the screw connections. In particular This was more commonly found with banjo fittings and banjo bolts.

When discussing the standards in the working group for ball bushings of the working committee for pipe fittings decided to withdraw the following standards with issue date 12.69;

DIN 7632 Teil 2

DIN 7634

DIN 7635

DIN 7636

DIN 7641

DIN 7642 Teil 2

DIN 7647 Teil 2

The withdrawal took place in 1984.

The opinion is that there is no need for these standards on the one hand, and that the application of these standards on the other no longer corresponds to the current state of the art. The LL series designation was dropped because there is no pressure assignment to a series. The dimensions of the sockets for the pipe outer diameters of 4 and 5 mm have been adjusted, and a common feature for the designation assigned. When clarifying the question of whether all pipe outer diameters are required, it was found that the pipe outer diameter knife 3 mm can be omitted. The title of the standard has been changed.


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