DIN 74324 vs DIN 73378 Standard Nylon tube

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DIN 74324 standard is polyamide tubing for air braking systems requirements and testing

DIN 73378 standards is polyamide tubing for use in motor vehicles requirements and testing

DIN 74324-1 DIN 73378 standards

DIN 74324-1 vs DIN 73378 standards

DIN 74324-1 first editions is 1978-08, it is reference to DIN 73378, added PA 12 HIPHL, PA 11 PHLY and PA 12 PHLY material.

DIN 73378 first edition is 1973-08, Polyamide tubing material including all of DIN 74324-1 material, and more types such as PA 6, PA 11, PA 12 as follows.

DIN 74324 vs DIN 73378 polyamide tubing mateirial symbols -


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