DIN 73378 standard tubing PA 12 hose pressure

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DIN 73378 standard specifies requirements for and methods of testing polyamide tubing intended for the transport of fuel in motor vehicles. The specifications of this standard take into account the general operating conditions pertaining to motor vehicles. If there is any doubt regarding the suitability of a particular moulding material, this shall be subject to agreement.

Types of Polyamide tubing

din 73378 polyamide tubing material symbols

Tubes are manufactured by extrusion and, given their single-layer construction, are chiefly used in the low and medium pressure ranges.

Preparation of this standard was prompted by the way in which polyamide tubing has found widespread use in the last few years for fuel lines, lubricant pipes,piping for fluid power systems, compressed air pipes, etc. In the past,such tubing was made of metal or rubber.

din 73378 Polyamide tubing dimensions and working pressuredin 73378 hose basic stress of polyamide materialdin 73378 beka max mass and density of polyamide tubingdin 73378 standard stress utillization factordin 73378 skf requirements for polyamide tubing

Polyamide tubing should also be protected against battery acids.

Fittings for Polyamide tubing:

Lubrication system tube fittings

Push-in fittings

Hose barbed fittings (DIN 73377)


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