Banjo Bolt DIN 7643 Standard Dimension Material

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Compression couplings Banjo Bolt Hollow screws for ring type banjos

DIN 7643 standard applies to banjo bolts that are used with banjo fittings according to DIN 7642. As seals sealing rings according to DIN 7603 are recommended

DIN 7643 Bolt 4 holes 3 holes

DIN 7643 bolt dimensions


Unspecified details are to be chosen appropriately.

Specification of the surface quality according to DIN EN ISO 1302, Ra according to DIN EN ISO 4287.

Specification of the work piece edges according to DIN ISO 13715.

Specification of the shape and position tolerance according to E DIN ISO 1101.

The banjo bolts for pipe external diameters of 4 mm and 5 mm (size 4 and 5) are selected by the manufacturer with 2 or 3 holes evenly distributed around the circumference and with the dimensions for hole spacing and hole diameter according to picture 2.

The banjo bolts for pipe outer diameters from 6 mm are usually designed with 4 holes Picture 1 delivered.

NOTE: Upon agreement, they can also be supplied with 3 holes, with the dimensions shown in figure 2.

Finish is Fe/Zn8c 2C according to DIN EN ISO 4042.

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