Swivel Banjo Fittings Swivel Banjo Fittings
Swivel Banjo Fittings Swivel Banjo Fittings
Swivel Banjo Fittings Swivel Banjo Fittings
Swivel Banjo Fittings Swivel Banjo Fittings


Swivel Banjo Fittings

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Swivel Banjo Hose Fittings Elbow Type
Stainless Steel 304 or 316L, seal with rubber o-ring FKM
Swivel Banjo Coupling including banjo body, bolt with inner hex screw driver, O-ring and Circlip.
Connection from Male BSPP stud to Hose tail end by crimping hose
Swivel Banjo Fittings are Often used in hydraulic braking systems on rod vehicles.
  • Elbow 

  • One wire braid hoses  Two wire braid hose 


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Introduction of Swivel Banjo Hose Fittings

The swivel banjo fittings can adjust direction of hose assembly or pipe, banjo body is designed as per DIN 7642 standard, bolts is designed with o-ring seal and circlip fitment, inner hex screw driver design for small room assembly purpose.

Market of Swivel Banjo Hose Fittings



Machine Tooling

Material Handling

Construction Machinery

Agriculture Machinery

Mobile Crane

Types of Swivel Banjo Hose Fittings

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