How to properly connect to a hydraulic hose

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To properly connect the hydraulic hose with the hydraulic fitting:

  1. Ensure the length of the hose is as required. Hose cutters can be used to cut it to the optimal size with clean ends to reduce the risk of contamination and assembly failures.

  2. Select the appropriate hydraulic hose fitting. Make sure to consider size, pressure, temperature, material, style, and orientation of the fitting is compatible with your operation.

  3. Determine the insertion depth of the fitting and mark it on the hose with a marker. Lubricate the hose (if necessary) and insert the hose into the fitting until the mark on the hose.

  4. Adjust the crimper to the appropriate diameter, place the end of the hose in the crimping machine and crimp the hose.

  5. Verify the crimp diameter.

  6. Clean the hose assembly to avoid contamination using a hose brush.


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