EO2 cutting Ring

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EO2 cutting ring for Parker Ermeto EO2 EO3 EO2- plus EO2-form tube fittings
Meet DIN 2353 ISO 8434 DIN 3861 standard of 24 degree tube cone connector
Two types for carbon steel and stainless steel.
DOZ EO-2 Soft sealing rings
FM EO2 functional nuts
  • 24 degree cone connector 

  • Straight  Elbow  45 Degree Elbow  Tee  Run Tee  Cross  Banjo 


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Parker EO2 cutting ring is designed for EO-2 fittings system, in order to eliminate leakage in all fluid system. EO-2 ring is soft sealing ring, The sealing effect is pressure supported which makes the EO2 fitting suitable for high pressure applications.

EO-2 is a true metric design according to 24° tube connector standards such as: ISO 8434-1, DIN 2353 or DIN 3861. It covers all three series (LL, L and S) of the broad EO tube fitting program. EO-2 Dual Funtion Nut is consist of nut and eo2 ring.

Two types of Parker eo2 cutting rings, one is eo2 ring for functional nut; another one is for EO2-FORM Set soft sealing ring.



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